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AGENSI ROS (JM0150341-H)
Licensed Money Lender (WL3930/14/01-8/170820)

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We specialize in cash advance credit card, personal loan & payday loan.

Cash Advance

Quick and Easy to withdraw Cash From Credit Card within 24 Hours

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Personal Loan

Are you looking for personal loan to settle your debt?

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Fast Cash Loan

Need fast cash for emergency situation before your salary?

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Welcome to AGENSI ROS

We are moneylender company in Kuala Lumpur with License No: (WL3930/14/01-8/170820)
Licensed by the Malaysia government and the Ministry of Housing, Agensi ROS is a fully integrated financial services provider established in 1998. dedicated towards matching the needs of customers to a product in its comprehensive range of solutions including:

-Cash Advance Credit Card
-Project Financing
-Business Loan
-Personal Loan
-Payday Loan
-Fast Cash Loan
-Quick Cash

Before providing financial facilities, Agensi ROS provide personalized services including advisory services to help alleviate borrower’s financial problems. We are trustworthy and professional and we always uphold customers confidentially. Also by owning the license, we offer you most flexible scheme with lower interest rate repayment back to us within your ability in term of individual.

Need a Loan?

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  • Get a loan of up to Rm100,000 of your income & approved within 48 hours. Min. monthly income of RM3,500 is eligible to apply and enjoy affordable monthly repayment plan!
  • A competitive & flat rate plan with Takaful protection which allows you to stretch your financing tenure up to 5 years.
  • Turn your dreams into reality with a personal loan that provides a flat, low-interest rate which starts from 8% p.a and fast approval.

Why people choose us

We offer low interest rates, fast & easy application, and with customer service satisfaction.

Private &

Private &Confidential Is Number One, we always keep our customer detail information in confidential.

Low-Interest Rate
From 1%-1.5% per month

After document submitted, we will base on your monthly expenditure giving loan fair rate to help your needs.


Our experience advisor has more than Five years to help Malaysian solve financial trouble. Just give us a call.

AGENSI ROS personal loan is the right choice for you if:

you are 21 or older

The minimum age to use our service is 21.

you are Malaysian

You must have a Malaysian Identity Card.

you have a Bank Account

You need an active Malaysia bank account.

you are a person of integrity

We look for honest and trustworthy clients.

you have a valid Address

Must have a current residence in Malaysia.

you have a regular income

You must have an income every month(from benefits or job).

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